Water Softener Guys is a water softeners company based.

The company operated for many years as Soft Water Installations, which operated in Water Treatment. It continued its operations in developing, manufacturing and distribution of products, systems and services for the treatment of water in.

Water Softener Guys has established itself as a leader in technology applied in water treatment equipment and has attained wide recognition for providing sound, cost-effective and reliable solutions for the purification and treatment of water.

Our Mission Statement

Water Softener Guys endeavours to be the undisputed market leader in the Water Treatment Industry through innovative, cost-effective technology.

A wide range of products and services are offered, subject to the highest quality and standards to ensure the most satisfactory, ethical business relationships.

We will treat our employees in a fair and awarding way according to their contributions, while providing a satisfying work environment.

We specialise in the removal of heavy metals like iron, manganese etc, from water both domestic and industrial, and are leaders in treatment of irrigation water at large quantities.


Commissioning & Training

Once a system has been purchased from Water Softener Guys, we offer full instructor led commission training either on site or at our premises. You will also receive a manual for you to be able to refer back to once the training has come to an end. The duration of the training is usually dependent on the size of the system purchased by the customer.

Water Analysis

Water Softener Guys offer a full water analysis for your application. You can either send us the sample, or we would be happy to take it for you. We then have it sent to a laboratory which is approved. The results are then returned to you, and if required recommendations can be given.

Water Consulting

Water Softener Guys offers a water consulting service whereby we will assist, recommend and advise on your water application. We offer both modular as well as full water purification systems and can offer consultations on both. Our consultations will include the identification of water problems and categorising of water quality, a study of the volumes required or utilised in the current system, and we will offer outcome based analyses of your system so that you are able to save money, time and hassle from your quality based solution.

Custom Made Water Solutions

Standard water systems are available from us, however we are also able to offer custom made systems to perfectly suit your requirements. From modular systems to full mobile or fixed units with a partial or full maintenance plan, Water Softener Guys can cater for just about any required water purification system from 6000ltr/hr to 60000ltr/hr. We also keep a full range of consumables in stock, which are offered as necessary extras to your mobile or fixed, modular, or full system.

We are the best in the business, we have been around forever and we are not going anywhere now, put your trust in a reputable company that have the experience that is required to complete a job right the first time.

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